Information for language course providers

Criteria for language courses eligible for support in accordance with the "RL-GF-H" regulations

The following requirements must be met:

1. Lessons are offered which pick up at qualification level B1 of the BAMF integration courses and end at level C1 CEFR (for applicants applying for a place at university, beginner level to B1/B2 CEFR applies to English language courses).

2. The course provider is a TestDaF exam centre or has a DSH licence (universities/upper secondary schools with late entrance stream) or offers the possibility for these exams to be taken at a cooperating educational institution.

3. The overall number of lessons per course is min. 600 units.

4. The course lasts for a minimum of 5 months and a maximum of 8 months.

5. The lessons take place 5 days/week, mainly in the mornings and over at least 20 lessons/week plus preparatory and follow-up studies.

6. The overall price for the course includes all costs, including those for the exams at level B2/C1 of the CEFR. In line with the principle of efficiency and economy, there is a price cap for language courses incl. all exam fees, which is set by the German Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth and cannot be published for competitive reasons.

7. The course takes place without interruptions (no holidays between modules/course levels). Lessons cancelled due to public holidays are rescheduled in a timely manner (in advance or after the public holiday).

8. The classification carried out by the Bildungsberatung Garantiefonds [Hochschule ?] is accepted as binding (classification in course levels up to B2 or C1 or participation as an external candidate in a C1 exam).

It is possible to join a course during the term.

10. Preparatory courses for Telc-C1 University, TestDaF or DSH exams are provided for the university applicants among the GF-H participants.

11. The course familiarises the participants with scientific working methods.

12. Participants’ presence and absence is monitored.

13. The GF-H may take part in course, transfer and end-of-term conferences, where such meetings discuss participants of the GF-H.

14. In the event of performance issues and/or frequent absences of GF-H participants, the educational guidance centre is notified in due time. Withdrawal from the course will be reported to the educational guidance centre and the sponsorship division immediately.

15. The GF-H is granted the opportunity to receive individual and group free counselling for course participants upon request and where required.

16. The course participants receive a certificate with grades attesting the obtained level in accordance with the CEFR and detailing the relevant subjects (regardless of any additional certificates issued on TestDaF or DSH exams).

17. A copy of the certificates is issued to the GF-H educational guidance centre and the relevant sponsorship division. The data protection provisions (participant’s declaration of consent) are complied with.

18. The certificates contain a note on the receipt of support in accordance with “RL-GF-H” regulations by the German Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth.

19. The period between courses is a maximum of 6 months. The C1 level examination in accordance with the CEFR is conducted at the end of the course. Participation in Telc-C1 University, TestDaFand/or DSHexams for university applicants is offered close to the end of the course.

We kindly request all course providers who meet the criteria and who are interested in providing courses for GF-H participants to get in touch with the GF-H educational guidance centre responsible for their region.