GF-H-sponsored German language courses

In accordance with “Richtlinien Garantiefonds Hochschulbereich (RL-GF-H)”, young recognised refugees and late re-settlers can receive support for intensive German language courses preparing them for university studies.

In five to eight months, the language courses will help participants to further develop their German language skills from level B1 CEFR of the integration language courses (BAMF) to level C1 CEFR (Garantiefonds Hochschule). Participants in GF-H-compatible intensive German language course will also be prepared for the DSH or TestDaF examinations.

Prior to receiving support for a GF-H-compatible language course, the GF-H participants must take a GF-H language test at the educational guidance centre.

In order to receive support for attendance of the language course, the applicant must achieve a certain minimum score in the Garantiefonds Hochschule test. If you do not reach the minimum score at the first attempt, you can re-sit the test.

Participants in the federal Garantiefonds Hochschule programme can be supported in intensive German language courses which meet special criteria. For more information on the criteria, click on “Information for language course providers” in this section of the menu.

The support for language courses includes course fees and a GF-H sponsorship, which is established on an individual basis. Applicants living with their parents prior to commencement of the course and who can conveniently reach the course location will not receive any living expenses support (see menu item Sponsorships for futher information).