Experience report

In this section, people who have sought advice from the educational guidance centres of the “Bildungsberatung Garantiefonds Hochschule” will report on their experiences since their immigration to Germany and which programmes or circumstances provided them with the best support in their educational and professional development.

"It was not easy to fight for my life and my studies for three years."

"It was a long road but we made it."

"You just have to try."

"They are always there for you."

"After the consultation, I was able to look to the future with confidence.“

"I really wanted to study business administration"

"In class, I not only learned German, but also broadened my horizons."

"In the begining it was difficult to understand the professors for me."

"It doesnt work without language."

„Each of us had doubts whether we should go back.“

„I was about to give up.“

„My self-confidence was not very high back then and soon I didn't dare to do enough.“

„The educational consultant, who repeatedly asked and supported us in developing specific goals, made a lot more clear to us.“

„Only sufficient information helps us to see our possibilities, to make decisions and to have good opportunities.“

„The educational consultant helped me a lot to regain my confidence and feel safe.“

„I would like to see more support from the authorities for those who want to receive further training.“

„Even if I had to take detours and studying with a child is not easy: I'm happy that I finally arrived at university“

„Educational counseling helps people not to get lost in their new life and to choos a right path.“

„After a few months, I understood that starting in Germany is not easy.“

„It is very important that there are educational counseling centers where one is really helped to find one's way in life.“

„Since 2011 a position as an 'Assistant Professor'!“